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Disc golf baskets

With your own disc golf cart, you have the opportunity to both train and have fun with your friends at home. The baskets come in different versions, so whether you need one that you can easily take with you on the go or a more permanent basket, you will find something that suits your needs.

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Disc golf basket

The disc golf basket is the most important element on the disc golf courses all over the world and helps to form the entire foundation of the sport. A disc golf basket consists of a pole in the middle, on which a basket is mounted. Chains hang above the basket which catch the disc and ensure that it falls into the basket when they are hit. The chains hang from the pole at the top and are gathered around the pole at the bottom, which gives the disc golf basket its characteristic profile.

Different types of disc golf baskets

Disc golf baskets come in several different versions, each with their own purpose. Regardless of whether you need a basket that must be fixed outdoors all year round, or just a light training basket, there are products on the market for both purposes.

Training basket for disc golf

Training basket is a term for baskets which are often mobile and can be moved around the pitch or at home in the garden. They are practical for training and come in both lighter and heavier versions. Most exercise baskets are made so that they can best stand inside or in shelter when they are not in use.

Lightweight disc golf basket

A lightweight basket is, as the name suggests, a light basket that is easier to carry or use if you often have to pack it away after use. Lightweight baskets are best stored indoors between uses.

Permanent disc golf baskets

A permanent disc golf basket is a basket which is designed to stand outdoors for many years without being damaged by wind and weather. These baskets are often used for the construction of disc golf courses or if you want a solid basket in the garden without having to move it around.

The history of the disc golf basket

Disc golf was played before the disc golf basket as we know it today was invented. In that way, disc golf is a very natural sport, and competing to see who can hit a particular tree or other object with a disc has existed before the basket. The invention of the modern disc golf basket happened in 1978 when Ed Headricks got a patent for his "Flying disc entrapment device".

Ed Headrick's disc golf basket patent from 1978

Time for a trip to the course

Once you've practiced your putts at home with your favorite disc golf putter , it's time to hit the course. Putting is just part of the game and when you take to the course it is important that both your midrange , fairway drivers and distance drivers have also come along. At Disc Tree we always have a large selection of disc golf discs that you can be inspired by by clicking around the store.