En mand der putter en disc på en sort MCP disc golf kurv


MVP is a fan favorite from the USA with their beautiful overmold discs that come in the highest quality. With Simon Lizotte and James Conrad on their team, you are guaranteed good entertainment if you follow the MVP players to the big tournaments.


MVP is an American disc golf brand that launched their first disc golf disc in 2009. Their discs are characterized by being overmold, which means that the outer edge of the disc is a different color than the disc center. MVP is part of the MVP Disc Sport group, which among other things, also stands behind the brands Axiom and Streamline.

Team MVP players

MVP was seriously put on the world map in 2021 when James Conrad from Team MVP became world champion in disc golf after making "The Holy Shot", where on the last hole he threw the disc into the chains from about 80 meters away to force Paul McBeth out in a replay. A replay which James Conrad won.

In 2023, MVP surprised everyone by signing a sponsorship contract with the popular Simon Lizotte, who has been sponsored by Discmania throughout his career. With a huge contract, the new Team MVP player has brought fans to MVPs from all around the world.

MVP Plastic types

MVP has a variety of plastic types for their discs. The most popular are Electron and Neutron. Electron is a baseline plastic that is designed to give a good grip, which is why it is popular for putters. Neutron is a premium plastic with high wear resistance that lasts for many years. MVP also has a glow plastic named Eclipse, and two more premium plastics, Proton and Plasma. Several of their plastic types come in a Cosmic version which is a swirly of the plastic. For lightweight discs, MVP has developed the plastic Fission, which has small air bubbles in the plastic, which helps to keep the disc's weight down.

You can read more about MVP's plastic types on MVP's own website .

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