Supersonic Discs

Supersonic Discs is a young Danish disc golf manufacturer that opened its doors in 2024. With an innovative approach to producing discs, they come out with a number of new and different discs that you will have to try! With a fantastic float and a new patented shape on the disc, here comes something completely new.

Supersonic Discs

Supersonic Discs is a Danish disc golf manufacturer that will release their first discs in 2024. Their discs are based on a lifetime of experience with disc sports and with a desire to do it all a little differently with their unique and innovative discs. Supersonic's discs are based on a patented technology and their discs have a very special eclipse-shaped profile which, among other things, helps to increase the disc's stability.

Supersonic Discs plastic types

Supersonic Discs releases discs in two different plastic types. Supersonic Grip is a premium plastic with a really good grip which is designed to ensure a good release on the disc every time you throw it. Supersonic Glow shares these characteristics and can also glow in the dark.

Supersonic Discs float in water

While most disc golf discs sink when they encounter a water hole on the course, most Supersonic Discs stay on top. They therefore float in water, and are therefore easier to find again in the event of an accident. The fact that discene floats is due to a combination of their unique shape and the fact that the plastic has a lower density than many other types of plastic on the market.

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