En lilla farvet Discraft Hades der har skåret sig ned i sneen

Schwebs Ink

Schwebs Ink is a Danish company that dyes discs so that each individual disc is completely unique. If you need a present for yourself or someone you know, a disc from Schwebs Ink is a good choice. All discs from Schwebs Ink are hand painted by Michael Schwebs in Denmark.

Schweb's Ink

Schwebs Ink was founded in 2021 by Michael Schwebs, who for many years has worked with custom dyeing of discs at hobby level. With the creation of Schwebs Ink, the hobby is taken to the next level and the collaboration with Disc Tree aims to spread the cool discs even more. Today, Schwebs Ink already supplies brightly colored discs in the easily recognizable style to players all over the country.

Dyed discs

If you need a disc that is completely unique and is also approved for competition, it is definitely a dyed disc that you should get hold of. It is not normally allowed to use painted discs for sanctioned PDGA tournaments, because the paint can affect descent flight characteristics. That is why discs are dyed with a special type of paint that penetrates the plastic and does not affect the disc (apart from purely visually). Whether it's as a gift for a disc golfer you know or you're just tired of your discs looking like everyone else's, a dyed disc from Schwebs Ink is a sure winner.

Dyed by Michael Schwebs

Michael Schwebs is an experienced disc golf player and tournament director who has been involved in the Danish disc golf environment since 2009. He has particularly spent his time in "Æ Disc Golf Klub 6100" in South Jutland. Michael is nationally known for his always good mood, his smiley in the rear window and his "WUP WUP", which you can often hear when Michael plays and cheers on his teammates.

Michael Schwebs wearing Disc Tree shirt

Paint your own discs with our DIY collection

If you are curious to try it yourself, you will find a lot of white discs in premium plastic and the right paint to start dyeing your discs yourself in our DIY Custom Dye collection .