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Finnish Discmania is one of the biggest and most popular brands in disc golf. Especially their Originals series is much loved by fans worldwide. In recent years, they have been busy reissuing classics such as P2, MD3 and FD.


Discmania is one of the most popular brands in disc golf. Their discs have historically been produced at Innova, Latitude 64 and Yikun until 2021 when they first opened their own factory in Sweden. Discmania was founded in 2006 by Jussi Meresmaa in Finland and since then their headquarter has moved to Colorado in the USA.

Popular Discmania discs

Discmania has three product lines for their disc golf discs which are Orignals, Evolution and Active Line. Originals is the original discs that were produced in collaboration with Innova and which are now produced at Discmania's own factory in Sweden. Evloution and Active Line are produced at Latitude 64 in Sweden and Yikun in China, respectively.

The most popular Discmania golf discs are from the Originals series, and these discs are very popular with both players and collectors. Their Discmania DD3 distance driver and their Discmania P2 putter have a very special status, while the Discmania FD fairway driver is also widely used. Discmania also makes a number of very popular starter sets for beginners that you can find in the shop.

Discmania plastic types

Each of Discmania's product lines has different types of plastic that range from basic plastic with a lower durability to premium plastic that is incredibly strong. Each type of plastic has its justification and can be used for different things. Putters are usually made in basic plastic while drivers are typically preferred in premium plastic.

The primary premium plastic types for Original discs are S-line and C-line while basic plastics are P-line and D-line.

Evolution line has two premium plastic types which are Neo and Lux and the basic plastic is Exo. Exo comes in both a hard and soft version.

Active line has a premium plastic called Active Line Premium while the basic plastic is simply called Active Line.

Discmania Flight Chart

In connection with Discmania building their own factory in Sweden in 2021, the production of their Orignials product series has again become the primary after a few years with a limited supply of discs from this series. The image below is an overview and the flight characteristics of the discs in their Originals series when thrown by players at different levels.

Discmania Originals disc golf discs flight chart

You can find more news and read about Discmania at Discmania's own website .

Other Discmania products

Discmania not only makes discs but also produce a variety of disc golf bags and disc golf baskets that you can use for training at home in the garden. From Discmania you can find everything you need for both training and tournaments or just a fun round with friends.

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