Kastaplast sponsoreret disc golfer der sidder på hug i skoven med en hvid hættetrøje gør klar til at putte

Kastaplast Discs

Kastaplast is a fan favorite from Sweden, which is especially known for making high-quality plastics. You may recognize the names on their disc from Svensk, and especially their glow plastic is recognized as one of the best on the market. At Disc Tree you will always find a large selection of disc golf discs from Kastaplast.


Kastplast is a Swedish disc golf manufacturer based in Stockholm. They opened their doors in 2011 and in a relatively short time have become a very popular brand worldwide. They are characterized by their high quality and especially their glow plastic is considered one of the best in the world.

Kastaplast Plastic Discs

Kastplast has a limited edition of discs and more are coming regularly. Their Berg putter is especially popular with many players and it differs markedly from other putters on the market due to its special shape. Other popular Kastaplast discs also include their Göte midrange, Falk fairway driver and Grym distance driver.

Kastaplast Types

Kastaplast has two primary types of plastic called K1 and K3. K1 is a premium plastic in very high quality and K3 is a baseline plastic which is especially good for putters and beginners. The two plastic types come in a plain, a blush and a hard version, just as theirs are luminescent versions of their plastic. The luminescent plastic is called glow, and Kastaplast is especially known for making glow plastic which is among the best on the market.

Throwing Flight Chart

Kastaplast's flight chart is made as a graphic where the different discs are placed in relation to each other. Their location is based on their stability and the distance they are designed to fly.

Disc golf discs flight chart from Kastapalst

You can read more about Kastaplast at their own website .

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