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Latitude 64

Swedish Latitude 64 is one of the most popular disc golf brands in Denmark. They focus on making high-quality discs for all levels and are represented by, among other things, the double female world champion Kristin Tattar.

Latitude 64

Latitude64 is a Swedish disc golf manufacturer which was founded in the town of Bergsbyn which is located at 64 degrees latitude. Hence the name. The city is home to one of the world's largest disc golf courses with 36 holes and despite the small population of around 2000 people, several world-class players have come from here over time.

Popular Latitude 64 discs

Latitude 64 has produced many popular discs, and in particular their Latitude 64 Explorer has found a place in the bag of many disc golfers. In 2018, it has been named the best fairway driver of the year among readers of Ultiworld Disc Golf. Latitude has also made a number of distance drivers, especially their Ballista and Ballista Pro are known for flying very far. In addition to discs, latitude also makes a number of popular disc golf bags and training basket for the garden .

Latitude 64 plastic types

Latitude 64 has four primary plastic types which range from basic plastic with a lower durability to premium plastic which is incredibly strong. Their two premium plastics are Opto and Gold while the two basic plastics are Zero and Retro.

The different types of plastic from Latitude 64 come in different versions, which in Latitude 64 are called effects. The most well-known effects are Burst, a plastic where several colors are mixed which gives a very nice visual expression on the disc and Glitter which looks like mica in the plastic.

Team Latitude 64 players

Latitude 64 has a number of professional players representing the brand for the biggest global tournaments. Among the most famous are Emerson Keith and Rebecca Cox from the USA as well as Kristin Tattar from Estonia. Two Danish players are also sponsored by Latitude 64, and they are the two Danish champions Kristian Spliid and Martin Spliid.

Latitude 64 Flight Chart

Latitude 64 has developed a flight chart that serves as an overview of all their discs. Here, their drivers are seen at the top after full of fairway drivers, midranges and putters.

Latitude 64 disc golf discs flight chart

You can read more about Latitude 64 on their own website as is constantly updated with information about their products and news.

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