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Discraft is a fan favorite from the US that makes some of the most popular discs on the market. Among others, they are represented by the six-time world champion Paul McBeth, who has helped design several of their discs.


Discraft is one of the leading brands in discs for disc golf and ultimate frisbee. Their discs are produced in Discraft's own factories in the USA and are characterized by high quality. Discraft has been producing discs since 1978, when they first opened in Canada and soon after moved to the United States. All Discraft discs sold in Denmark and Europe are thus imported from the USA.


Popular Discraft Discs

Discraft has a long history as a manufacturer of disc for disc golf and therefore has a large selection of different golf disc models. Over time, a few of their model have achieved particularly high status among players worldwide. Among these are Discraft Buzzz, a very reliable midrange with a long straight glide, and Discraft Luna, a putter developed in collaboration with the world champion Paul McBeth.


Discraft plastic types

Discpraft produces their golf discs in several different types of plastic. The type of plastic is very important for how durable the disc is, and how good a grip you have on the disc as a player. In the picture below you will find an overview of the most common types of plastic from Discraft with an indication of their durability (Durability) and how well they fit in the hand (Grip).


Discraft disc golf plastic types

Team Discraft Players

Discraft sponsors a number of players as part of their marketing. The best of these players are professional disc golf players and get signature discs produced with their names on. The most well-known players for Discraft are Paul McBeth and Paige Pierce, who have both contributed to the development of new Discraft golf disc models. Paul McBeth and Paige Pierce have both been world champions in disc golf and are considered some of the best players ever.


Discraft flight chart

To help both new and old disc golfers find their way around the large selection of Discraft golf discs, they have developed a flight chart. It serves as an overview of how the different discs fly, and at the same time it shows which models are particularly suitable for beginners or the more experienced players.

Flight chart for Discraft disc golf discs

You can read more about Discraft, their products and news at Discraft's own website.

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